Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I am a Child of God

Well, it appears that I am a little behind on my blog posts!!
The thought of catching up is very daunting, overwhelming, insane, ALL of the crossed out words,  so instead, I am going to start posting as regularly as possible, and occassionally, I will throw a post in that will hopefully get you caught up with some aspect of our lives.  For a family that is pretty boring, we always seem extremely busy!
A couple of weeks ago Sam was assigned to give a talk in Primary at Church. 
(For those unfamiliar with our church terminology,
Primary is Junior Sunday School for ages 3 - 12)
Sam has been asked to do this in the past and it hasn't ended so well.  He gets so excited and it ends up with him making loud noises into the microphone, screaming or just refusing to speak at all.  But, it is important to keep trying.
On the Sunday the assignment was handed out, we were driving home from church and told Sam that he had been asked to give a talk in Primary the next week.  I asked him what he wanted to talk about.  Sam did not answer me and I thought he was just ignoring me.  But, after several minutes had passed, Sam told me that he wanted to talk about Heavenly Father.  As the week went on and we tried to prepare his talk, nothing seemed to work.  It is difficult for Sam to put his thoughts and feelings into words.  Finally, as we were sorting through some of Sam's books that he hadn't read for a very long time, we came across this one.
Samuel has always loved this book and had at one stage memorized the whole thing.  It seemed perfect for Sam's talk on Heavenly Father and that is what he decided on.
In the past we practiced and practiced his talks, speaking parts, etc., but this time we just read it a few times.  I wanted to make it important, but not make a huge deal about it.
On the day of his talk, Samuel sat up in front of the room on the chair marked "talk".
 Sorry!  Couldn't find a picture of one that said, "talk."

Samuel did get a little wiggly and distracted, but he sat there until it was his turn.
Sam walked up to the pulpit and gave his talk........
absolutely perfectly.

Primary is split up into 2 sections, Junior Primary and Senior Primary.  Sam meets with the Junior Primary which is made up of children from ages 3 to turning 8.  As you can imagine, a lot of the time there is always some sort of noise going on.  But, as Sam spoke, all went quiet.  Everyone listened.  I know I am Sam's Mum, but I think many hearts were touched that day.

Church is not always easy for Sam.  So much noise, so many people.  Little things that may not bother you or I, are big things to him.  If his Primary teachers are absent, new people in the class, different seating arrangement, the list can and does go on!!!  Any change of his "normal".

But, on this Sunday, he had a great day at church.
Sam gave his 1st talk.
Oh, how I love this boy!!
This is a picture of Sam after he had been helping out at the custard shop!!

"I am a Child of God" is a beautiful children's song, Samuel will burst into this song on a regular basis.  The book he used for his talk is based on that song, I thought I would share.


VickiT said...

Hi Sally, Great post. Thanks for sharing that story. Isn't it funny how sometimes the small things are the greatest and most profound. Sounds like Sam did an awesome job with his talk. Love Vicki xoxo

Sally-Ann said...

Thanks Vicki!!!