Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our journey begins..........

On Friday, 13th August, our family headed off to Spruce Pines, North Carolina for Joshua and Courtney's wedding reception there.  Joshua and Courtney left on Thursday after their honeymoon to drive there.  Jim and Jessica left at 4:30am Friday morning to drive.  Samuel and I flew into the Asheville airport Friday afternoon.  Jim, Jessica, Joshua and Courtney met us there and then we all went to the newlywed's new home.  It was fun to see their new apartment and to see it starting to take shape into a first home for them.  We followed Joshua and Courtney and they decided to take us the scenic route!!!  Traffic was sooooo slow!
We then headed off to Spruce Pines to check into our cottage.  GPS is an incredible thing, but.......not always correct!  After a bit of meandering around the back roads of Spruce Pines, we found the correct destination!
It was fun to sit on the front porch.  Unfortunately, the views were not very spectacular!
This was the loft bedroom.  There was also a video game station that was a big hit with Jessica and Samuel.

 It was very comfortable, clean and had plenty of room to spread out.  The big disappointment was that Samuel couldn't play freely outside.  One of the features that attracted me to this cottage was that the reviews mentioned their young children being able to play outside.  Every time we went outside, five neighborhood dogs descended on us.  They would start to fight amongst themselves and Samuel would try and interject himself into the fray.
On Sunday afternoon Sam and I had an uninterrupted hour sitting on the porch and playing in the front yard.  
That was wonderful! 
There were beautiful butterflies flying everywhere.  So many different colors!
There was a super Walmart down the road a little, convenient for picking up supplies.  There was a poor dead raccoon on the road right by were we needed to turn into our cottage.  That was my road mark all weekend! When giving Jim directions, I was always sure to tell him, "Remember to turn at the dead raccoon!"


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kitchen Tea

In July, Joshua's fiancee came to
Tampa for a few days.  Jessica and I took the opportunity to throw Courtney a Kitchen Tea.  A Kitchen Tea is similar to a Bridal shower.  Traditionally the bride-to-be is given items to start off her kitchen.  It is usually given by the bride's or the groom's mother.  My mother gave me Kitchen Tea before I came over to the USA and invited all my female was a wonderful time and I have spent a bit of time reminiscing over it the past few weeks.  Afternoon tea is usually served, but, we don't drink tea, so we had lemonade instead.  Lemonade with cute ice cubes.........a raspberry and mint leaf had been frozen in the cubes to look like a rose.

We had the tea at a place here in Seffner called Lenna Hall.  It was perfect.
Here is the room all set-up.  Some of the shots are a little dark, but I had a fickle camera.......or maybe the operator was fickle.........but regardless, some of the photos came out dark.
Bottom layer:  chicken salad croissants
Middle layer:  Scones with Devonshire Cream and Jam
Top layer:  petite fours, mini eclairs and mini cream puffs

SOMEONE who will remain nameless, went around and stole the petite fours......not all of them......just a particular flavor......the most popular  flavor......

I tried to invite ladies who have had a influence on Joshua's life and/or our family's life.
I had everyone stand up and introduce themselves to Courtney and to tell her how they knew Joshua.
Ruth Dodd
Lisa Griswold
Janette Chambers
Janette made me cry with the beautiful things she said about my boy
 Ruth Chambers
Christine Chambers

Melissa and Wendy Croxall
Wendy Beck
Julie Clayson
Becky and Devon Michaeli
Karen Peach

Peggy Gray
How on earth did Joshua get invited, infiltrate, party crash a kitchen tea?????

Well, it was Joshua's birthday and he hadn't seen Courtney for a very long time and he has a wonderful, kind mother who took pity on him and told him he could stay...............
Amy Donahue
Jessica Purdy

Our guest of honor, Courtney, wondering "Who the heck are all these people??"
This photo is a good example of why not to give the camera to you party crashing son.

 Courtney opening her gifts.
 Joshua was in charge of taking the photos.....
I just want to make that clear..........

Jessica was the official gift passer person

 Anyway, going back to the picture taking comments above........
 Hold on just one more moment
 She who must be obeyed
Just jokin'.......kind of
Anyway, Joshua managed to take a awful lot of picture of Courtney with her eyes closed!!!!
OK, so there are only two, but the others have her looking down .  Joshua redeemed himself with the next photo.
  This is my favorite photo of my future daughter-in-law.
It is exciting see a couple starting off their life together.  I hope they have all the joy and happiness their hearts desire.
Thank you to all those who came.  Thank you also for sharing your wonderful recipes!!!!