Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Toes in the Water, Feet in the Sand

 So,an unexpected week in the Florida Keys.
Jim's brother and sister-in-law planned a trip to the keys and we tagged along.
Samuel was glad happy ecstatic. 
 We didn't go last year because we went to South Dakota for our family vacation instead. 
What I am trying to say is, you didn't have to ask us twice!! 
It was very difficult to find accommodations in Key West.  Everyone seemed to want to spend the New Year in Old Town Key West.  
Who'd have thought watching a giant high heel shoe drop at midnight would be such a draw?
This may have been on Mike and Jen's wish list of things to do in the Keys, but, alas, we did not make it.
We ended up staying in Marathon.  Here are some pictures of the house we are renting. 
We are right on the water.  It is beautiful watching the sun rise every morning.
 Jim and Sam have already been kayaking.  Sam did great for his first time.  Unfortunately, I was a bit slow getting the camera out and missed a great photo op.
You may be asking yourself.  "Self, why does Sally have a picture of one lone yellow Croc?"
You would be right, one yellow Croc is a very sad sight to behold.  Especially when the left yellow Croc is stuck in the mud just off the shore.  We have searched and searched, but that Croc is stuck and hidden.  
There may be a salt water Croc sighting in the future.  Stay tuned!!
 Pelicans looking for their dinner.
 Sunday Sunrise.
 Searching, searching...
 GOT IT!!!
 Some more sunrise shots.
Off to breakfast at Blue Heaven and Key West craziness.
 Before - BLT Eggs Benedict (the L would be for Lobster)
And in the "why not" category.  
Key Lime pie.
It was split 5 ways!

After breakfast we headed off to explore Key West.
 Hemingway's house.
Key West Chicken crossing the road.
   Trolley Tour

To finish off, here is a collection of shots from Mallory Square.
Some are self explanatory, some just can't be explained.

On this note,
good night.