Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jingle Bells.........

Christmas time is definitely one of our favorite times here in the Purdy house!
Last week we went to Christmas Lane and then drove around looking at Christmas lights for our Family Home Evening.
Here are some pictures!
Samuel actually sat still for a few seconds!!
So did Jessica!!!!
 Samuel wouldn't hold still long enough to get a photo of both of them together in the sleigh however!!
Love their huge Christmas tree!

Jessica was a very good sport.  Maybe this should go on the Christmas card this year?????

Ho ho ho.......Merry Christmas!!!!!

There is a Sam in there somewhere!!

I see his legs!!!!!!

There he is!!!!!

Time for a snack

It is tough getting a photo of my sweetie!

Sam got to ride the train several times, much to his delight!

I find the smile on the father snowman rather.......creepy......

Yep......haven't changed my mind

Samuel found these TVs shaped like yo yos ver facinating

I never have liked Jack-in-the boxes very much.......I'm watching you!!!!

Jessica was also cautious when passing the snowmen and the Jack-in-the box.....

Good-bye until next year Christmas Lane!!

Samuel talks about Christmas Lane every day.  He grabs my hand and says, "I love Christmas Lane."
Jessica doesn't do that, but I know she thinks it!!!!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Catch-up time again.....Fall Festival

Sam's school has a fall festival every year.
Just the right amount of activities and then they finish with a Thanksgiving Feast.
Building a scarecrow

Sam watches as Avery tries his hand at Scarecrow Toss
 Taking a break
 Table all set and ready for the feast!!
 Yum, Yum!!!
 Ready to eat!!
It was a fun day for all the children.  They made t shirts with their hand print on it and then used their fingerprints to make leaves - a tree with fall colours.