Monday, May 6, 2013

Welcome to my Custard Shop!!

Purdy's Frozen Custard has been open for a little while now, and we are very happy with how things have been going.  This week has started off hectic and will not slow down at all until the end of the week.  It is great to have a family run business, but with that comes........hectic!!  Besides the custard shop, we also operate Tasman Services.  For 1/2 the year things involving Tasman are pretty quiet.  Then spring comes and it doesn't slow down or let up.  It is tough when our flavor wizard at the custard shop is also acting as the crew leader at Tasman!  As with most family businesses, it is all hands on deck at this time of year.
Even Samuel tries to help out.
He is our official greeter at the shop.
Sam likes to put on a apron and hat so he can be the "baker".
He then makes it his mission to greet all those who come in for a frozen custard.
"WELCOME to my custard shop!"
Sam likes to visit the shop nearly every day.  He marches up to the counter and places his order.
"Chocolate sundae with chocolate sauce, please!"
Most days he wants extra chocolate sauce, and some days he wants another sundae!
Sam's favorite lunch?
French fries from McDonald's and a chocolate milkshake from Purdy's

Even though Sam absolutely loves French fries and chocolate milkshakes, he does not dip his fries into his shake. 
 I know some people do that. 
 We have no qualms about people dipping their fries into their milkshakes.
They just have to BYOFF.
bring your own French fries!!!
It is amazing where life leads you sometimes.  27 years ago we hadn't even heard of frozen custard, let alone thought that one day we would be the owners of a frozen custard shop!!