Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Love To See The Temple

Yesterday we did a quick, spur of the moment trip.
Jim's work schedule has been crazy this month, lots of travel all over Florida.  We had been talking about driving down to Ft. Lauderdale to attend the open house for a new temple that our church has built there. 
Here is a short video about temples.
 Thursday evening, we finally decided to drive down the next day.
After a brief panic about what to do with the big yellow dog called Blue, we were set!!
The drive down was uneventful......
well, there was a little drama at the McDonald's in Naples.
I want to add that it was NOT caused by the Purdy family.  Will have to tell that tale at another time!
The temple is beautiful, and well worth the drive.
As we made our way onto the temple grounds, via a ride on a golf cart,
 (this small fact becomes important at the end of my blog!)
we were greeted by many ushers/guides.  Best of all, we were shown our way to the "visitor's tent" by someone we knew!  It was wonderful to see Melissa Curtis again!
After a brief movie and introductions to temples, we were on our way for a guided tour.  Sam was very excited and did not want to wait.  He wanted to go inside  NOW!!!  We had our own private tour guides so we could take time with Samuel in certain areas and push through quickly in others/
 All the temples have this above the doorway.  This is one of the first things Samuel know, just in case they had forgotten!
 All the details are just beautiful.
 After the temple is dedicated, this will be the place where you enter the temple.
One of the rooms they showed us was the baptistery.
This is the above view.
Guess who tried to take a dip?? 
 The baptism font is on the back of 12 oxen, representing the 12 tribes of Israel.
The attention to detail is amazing.  Not one of the oxen is the same, and the tile on the floor was beautiful.  I think I am using the word beautiful quite a bit!!!

As a side note.  Samuel was very curious to know if the temple had escalators and was disappointed to learn that it didn't.   He then asked about elevators and was told that the temple was all on one floor.  As we were walking through where people entered who were going to do baptism, there was a little area where towels and white baptismal clothing will be kept.  Samuel made a beeline through that area with me in hot pursuit.  Imagine his delight when he spied a ELEVATOR!!  It probably went to the laundry, but not according to Samuel.  He informed me later that night that it was for Jesus so he could go up.

 Breathtaking murals were on the walls of this endowment room.  We had a little bit of a wait here, so we searched for the 3 butterflies in the mural.
 This is a sealing room.  Jim and I were married in a similar room.  Jim picked Samuel up so he could see, and we had Jessica stand by us.  We looked into the mirror and you could see our family reflected back over and over.  Samuel thought that was wonderful and we had the chance to talk about eternal families. 
 We were missing some important family members......but, we are an eternal family.
 This picture does not do the Celestial room justice.  This is the place that represents the Celestial Kingdom.  It is the most peaceful place on earth.  They asked us not to speak as we walked through this room, just to try and feel of the spirit.  Samuel had a tough time with this.  He kept looking around and saying, "Wow!"  We agreed with him.
 This is the chandelier in the Celestial room.

We saw many other beautiful rooms.  The "Bride's Room" was gorgeous.  We even got to look in the bathroom in the Bride's Room, I found the tile I want when we eventually redo our bathrooms!!

One of my favorite children's songs from church is,
"I Love To See The Temple."
 "I love to see the temple.
I'm going there someday
To feel the Holy Spirit,
To listen and to pray.
 For the temple is a house of God,
A place of love and beauty.
I'll prepare myself while I am young;
This is my sacred duty.
 I love to see the temple.
I'll go inside someday.
I'll cov'nant with my Father;
I'll promise to obey.
For the temple is a holy place
Where we are sealed together.
As a child of God, I've learned this truth:
A fam'ly is forever.
It is wonderful to go to the Lord's house.
It is even more wonderful when you see family and friends there.
The temple is a place where I have felt peace.  It has given calm to my heart when it has been troubled.  When my Mum, Dad and brother died, I was not able to go to the funerals.  Instead, Jim and I went to the temple.  We also went the day before our little girl's funeral.  The reassurance, promptings and personal experiences on those occasions and at many other visits, leave no doubt in my mind that these beautiful buildings are indeed "The House of the Lord."

As we made our way to the parking lot, we decided to walk because Samuel was beginning to have a tough time.  So many different experiences, the drive down and break in routine take a toll on our little boy at times.  But, a walk was not in the cards.  The driver of the golf cart chased us down and insisted that he drive us back to our car!!! 

Later that night I asked Samuel what his favorite part was.  He spoke of the elevator, the mirrors in the sealing room and the Celestial room.  His most favorite part, however, was the water park.  I was going to leave you guessing about that part, but that would be cruel!!
 Yep, water park.
Things could have gotten a little tricky.......


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Old MacSamuel Had a Farm........

The morning of the 2nd Monday of the month is spent doing an agriculture class with Ms. Aimee.  We know Aimee from when Samuel participated in Kindermusik classes.  More information on Kindermusik and the different classes offered can be found at Delightful Sounds.
So far we have studied..........
Well, I thought I would throw in this picture.....
just for something different.......
something we discovered the last time we were in Tasmania......
We were driving along the highway and spotted all these very colorful bovines.
They were hanging out in front of 
If you are ever in Tasmania, it is worth a visit.
I really miss the dairy products from home.......
and no, they aren't real cows, just in case you were wondering!!!
Last week we studied vegetable gardens.
I am not sure if Ms. Aimee's vegetable garden will ever be the same!!
 The group got to check out some farm equipment.
 Using the hoe to attack weeds was very popular.  I think Ms. Aimee is trying to retrieve the potentially lethal bit of gardening equipment in the above shot.......just jokin'.......not a single child was lost.......
 Sam loved sitting on the tractor!!!
 Sam's OCD kicked in for the seed match game.
Have to just pick you battles!!
 Writing the names of seeds on markers.
 Planting the seeds and naming them.

Afterwards we had some frozen custard.
I didn't get any photos because I was busy scooping.

It was great timing for this class, because we are starting our own garden at Sam's school.
It is slow going.
A bit overwhelming really.
Here is why......
 Just in case you were wondering.
 These are before shots.
 I took these this afternoon.
 Huge piles of junk had just been hauled away.
 Sam's classroom is also getting a new deck.
The old one caused a few problems.
 Here is an update on Sam's seeds.
 YES!!  Some of them are sprouting.
 We grew a different type of garden the other night.
 We read the book.
 Sprinkled the magic dust.
The next morning Sam was excited to find that some of his favorite candy had grown.
He wanted to do it again that night!
 Sometimes it is great to be eight!!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today in Sam's World......

Sam did not want to do school today.
In fact,
his actual words were.....
"No trolls,
no giant snow cakes,
no invaders,
no dragons,
no lemons,
no giants
Well, we haven't really been having a huge troll, giant snow cake, invaders, dragons or giants problem.  But, not wanting to do school was a bit of an issue because even though we work hard at school, we do have some slack days as well, so when a busy day is planned, we need to stick with the game plan.
So, we did a lot of science and geography today.
We are learning about being a Botanist.
Luckily we have quite a few trees around the property to study.
We have less trees this year than we had last year.  Some fell and some were encouraged to fall with a chainsaw.  Now it is a lot safer and less leafy around our neck of the woods!
 We had to find different trees, identify them and collect some leaves.
 Some leaves were easier to get than others!!
 Some trees were easier to identify.
Sam had issues with this tree.
After all, it was a lemon tree and he had clearly requested
Sam thought that the different bark textures were very interesting.
So, we now move on to other subjects, but, in parting, remember to watch out for.......
the invading
You never know where they may be lurking!!
Though, I suspect a giant snow cake could be pretty treacherous as well.