Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cub Scout Day Camp 2014

This was Sam's first year attending Cub Scout Day Camp.
These photos are in no particular order as far as days of camp go.
I didn't take my camera, so these are of the camp facebook page.
 Every day started with a flag ceremony,
We also ended the day that way as well.
All the different groups did their group cheer at this time.
The cheers were also chanted wherever we went.
Our group was "The Stars."
I don't remember the cheer. 
 I never thought I would forget it. 
I thought it was firmly implanted in my brain for all time.
This is Sam's pinwheel that he made.  The pattern he drew on it is "Minecraft."
Craft time was a favorite.
This is part of our crew, we are missing 2 boys and several leaders.
Presenting the "Stars" poster.  The boys had to make a poster on what they had learned during camp.
This was Sam's favorite craft, wind chimes.
Water rockets was a HUGE hit with everyone.
The much anticipated water gun battle on the last day.
Campers against leaders.
There was no mercy.......
See that little boy on the left with the bright yellow crocs??
The most merciless of all.
This is Zach Bonner.  He collects school supplies and back packs for those in need through his charitable organization Zach's Little Red Wagon
Camp photo.
Camp photo of everyone being goofy.
 Camp flag.

The days were filled with crafts, archery, bb gun shooting, cooking, camping, water play, fishing, hiking, games and much, much more.
The most important thing??  Sam had fun.

I was quite worried about Sam going to camp. I have been to Cub Scout Day Camp many times before........it is not for the faint of heart!!
I tagged along as Sam's buddy.  Sometimes it all got to much for him, so we just went off to a quiet spot and chilled out for a bit.
The boys and leaders in his group were great.  The boys tried to make sure that Sam was included and that he had a  turn.
It was an expensive week fast food wise!!  Sam would only move out the door in the morning with the promise of McDonald's hash browns.  He always wanted Chick-fil-a on the way home.
I have not had McDonald's since.........
Chick-fil-a is OK.  Sam had a full meal, but  I only had a large Diet Dr. Pepper.......to fortify myself.
I am getting to old for Cub Scout Day Camps.
2 more years to go.
But, if they are all like this one, it will not be so bad.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Clickety Clack

Sam has just loved going to dance class over the past few months.  There has only been one time where he said he didn't want to go and that was because someone told him that dancing is only for girls.  I asked him if he liked dancing and he told me that he did.  After convincing him that if it is what he liked to do, then that is all that matters, we had no further problems.
When we went to the Florida Keys just before Christmas last year, Samuel was quite upset that he would miss a dance class.  He wanted to drive back home, take the class and then drive back to the Keys.........didn't happen!!
If there was a week cancelled because of a holiday or his instructor was sick, he insisted that I check the website and call the school!!
All the hard work of Ms. Rhonda (his instructor), his classmates, and Sam, came to a end for this school year on Sunday.  
Sam was in his very first recital.

and especially, Ms. Rhonda
 Sam loves his "clickety clack" shoes!!
A proud Mum

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wombats......Gotta Love them!

Of course Wombats check Facebook and their e-mails!
Thought this picture was cute.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Relaxing, Smart Farts & the Cutest Grandbaby in the World

Our family has been going
For those who may have never heard this Australian phrase before, it means we have been really, really, really, really, really busy.
Our re-skinning business is in full swing for the season.
Frozen custard shops are a delicious business to have, but takes time and energy.
Home schooling and running to therapies.
A brand new grand baby and helping the new little family to move.
Law firm stuff.....
family stuff......
church stuff.....
getting sick.......
Life just gets hectic sometimes and it all tires you out.
I know everyone has been there at times.
Not just tired, but bone weary tired.
The kind that you seem to never be able to get enough hours sleep to fight it off.
So, we decided to go away for a few nights.
We didn't go far.
Just over the bay to Clearwater.
 This is the view from our hotel window.
Jim took the photos on his phone and then sent them to family.
That is when the smart fart side of the Purdy sense of humor started to rear its ugly head.
 Jessica sent her view from the counter of the Frozen Custard shop.
Stop on by and pay her a visit!!!  It is perfect weather for some frozen custard!!!
Jim's parents happen to be driving back to Rapid City, South Dakota from Salt Lake City, Utah.  While I do like the rolling plains..........
I think I will stick to our view at the moment.
I also need to add another view that is pretty relaxing and causes the stress to melt away.
Grandbaby #1, Tristen Alexander Purdy.
relaxing Nanna P.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Bunny Hop

For many years I have tossed around the idea of having an Easter Egg Hunt.
Time has always gotten away from me, so it never happened.
That is, until this year.
Our small little event grew a little.

Invitations were posted on Facebook for all to see.

All Samuel was interested in was a bounce house with a slide.
It HAD to be a castle, but besides that, whatever you want Mum.......yeah, right!
 The eggs were stuffed and tossed......
 and tossed........
 poured in some places........
 tossed and rolled........
 thrown with wild abandon.......
  eventually all desire to even try to hide them was lost......
The food was ready to be eaten.
Well, not all the food was there ready to be eaten......

Let the festivities begin!!!!

There was bouncing,
 and maybe just a little bit of squishing going on.
 Parents stood around observing,
 and unsquishing.
On your mark,
get set,
 Jim surveying the scene
 Sam was happy because the hunt also involved bubbles!

Over 600 eggs hunted in around 5 minutes!!!
 We then turned to grilling hot dogs,
supervising the grilling of hot dogs,
 and being cute.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt.
If we do it again next year, we know some things to add and things to do differently.
Trial and error.
All I know is that Samuel is still talking about it and wants to do it again.
 Another thing I know.....
check the bounce house for all possible scenarios in advance.
Such as one certain 8-year old boy finding a way to climb up on top of the bounce house and hide behind the dragon.
By the way, the dragon's name is Bruce.
Just in case you were wondering.