Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Some big changes........

We have had quite a few changes over the past few months.
One of our biggest changes is that we are now the proud owners of.......
 This picture was taken at our official ribbon cutting.
We like to live on the edge and let Sam use gigantic scissors!
 The above photo, and the next few were taken at our "night before our official opening".  In 3 hours we scooped a very large amount of frozen custard!!!
 This photo wasn't actually taken at the before mentioned event.
Sam sets up appointments with various people to come and play "Sonic" or "Candy Land" with him.  The usual victims recipients (usually willing!!) are Scott and Christine Chambers.  They teach Samuel's class at church and he has latched onto them with a vengeance!!!!

Samuel loves the custard shop and likes to help. 
Here he is after he has busily wiped down all the counters.
Samuel's request never waivers when he comes it.
Chocolate milkshake.
chocolate custard with chocolate sauce.
Otherwise known as a Sundae!!
Why a custard shop you may ask???
Some days we ask ourselves the very same question!!!
Jim went to was in Salt Lake City on business and was staying with his brother, Mike, and his family.  One night Mike took Jim to Nielsen's Frozen Custard.  Jim made Mike take him back every single night he was there.
Jim came home and told me that one day he wanted to own a frozen custard shop.
I said, "That's nice honey...."
Last April we went to Utah for Joshua's graduation.
Every night Jim went to Nielsen's Frozen Custard.
I think I finally had some on our final night there.
Last month we finally opened our own frozen custard shop.
We will never go back to ice-cream.
So, if you are ever in the area and get a hankerin' for something delicious and some good old fashioned service with a smile........
Come on in and say "Hi!"
If you live near or far, you can check out our different flavors on facebook.

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