Monday, April 8, 2013

Sam & Elmo's World

Last year, September I think, we took Sam to see Sesame Street Live.  Samuel does not really watch Sesame Street. but has always loved Elmo.  Samuel doesn't really sit still for TV, movies, let alone a show with loud music, lights.......bright fuzzy creatures running around.......
but, we thought it was worth the chance!
Of course, we had to take Elmo along!!!
Here is Samuel and Dad waiting....and waiting.....
and waiting......and waiting
to go in.
We signed up to do the meet and greet before the show started.  We didn't know how Sam would do.  We didn't know if that was all that we would do and end up having to go home.
We had to give it a try.
We prayed that Elmo would be part of the meet and greet.
He was!!!
Sam was happy!!!!
So was Jim and Sally-Ann!!!!!
Sam was having a tough time waiting in line.  Some nice families let us go ahead of them......
there are some good people in this world!

Bert was there as well.
I felt bad for Bert.
It was all, "Elmo, Elmo, Elmo!"

Sam gave Bert some love.......
Jim and Elmo hangin' out and waiting for the show to start.
Front seats baby!!!!  Wooo hooooo!

When it started, Sam did not move from his seat.

Intermission......Sam moved.
A lot
Very quickly
All over

Bert had some moves

Big Bird and Little Bear??
Not so much.

There was about 10-15 minutes left and Sam told us it was time to go home.
He stood up.....
and left!
So did Jim and I!


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