Friday, April 19, 2013

How does your garden grow??

At Sam's School we have been working on growing plants from seeds and planting some flowers.
It is all very exciting!!
We started by planting some seeds in a plastic sleeve and hanging on our window.  We planted some squash and beans.  Here is a picture of our squash seeds.  We will have to find a nice spot in the garden to plant them.

We have already transplanted Sam's beans.  They are now in a tub by the door of Sam's School.
Sam picked out some petunias to plant as well. 
His favorite colors are purple and pink......
For art last week we made some flowers and decorated some flower pots.  They are sitting in the window by the squash.
We had a lot of petunias to plant, so we decided to make use of the old wagon rusting away in our shed.  Dad gave the inside a coat of paint and punched some holes in the bottom for drainage,
Sam added a layer of rocks.
Then some potting soil and pulled it on over to the school.
Planting petunias can be tough work, but Sam did a great job!

The finished product!!!
Sam has been having a great time watering and caring for his plants.  Every week we fill in an observation journal for his beans and squash.  The test will be when it is time to cook and eat the veggies!  Will Sam feel adventurous and eat something not on his limited list???  Will let you know.

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