Thursday, April 18, 2013

Swimming with the Dolphins - 2008

During Spring Break last year we went to Marathon. Each time we go away for a week, we usually just relax. Spend time in the pool or on the beach. We do try to do one thing that we haven't done before. This time, we swam with dolphins. Jessica and I had done this before a few years before. Samuel was to small at the time, so he and Jim participated in a "dolphin splash."
Was going to post about 2012, but found these photos and am blogging about them instead!
These photos aren't in any particular order, to many photos, not enough time.........
Here are some of Jessica.
Is this dolphin jumping for joy???

Jessica having a dance.
Big kiss
Not sure what is going on here!

Jim and Sam are in there somewhere!!

I see Sam!!
Sam and Jim getting up close to a dolphin.
Jim and Sam having a splash off with a dolphin.
I think the dolphin claims victory!
Yep, when your opponent does back flips, I think they have won.
Jessica trying to catch a ride.
Samuel showing good sportsmanship and shaking hands with the dolphin.
Bye, bye......
See ya in a few years......
Enough with the splashing already!!
See you in a few years dolphin boy......I'll be bigger and stronger and I will practice my splashing technique
(I'm pretty sure that is what Samuel was thinking)

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