Friday, April 12, 2013

Faith, Family, Future......

I've mentioned before that Sam attended Sydney's School for Autism for 2 years. 
 It is now called Sydney's Academy .
The school is located on the grounds of St. Patrick's Catholic Church in South Tampa.  There used to be a church school there, now there isn't.  Now it is the home of Sydney's Academy.
Even though the Catholic school is no longer there, some of it still remains.
One of those things can be found as you are going up the stairs.
It is this......
Around the outside are the words,
"Faith, Family, Future."
When Jim was looking for a motto for his law firm, we tossed around a ton of ideas.  We pretty much decided on faith and family, but the third word was elusive.
Friends kept coming to mind, but it didn't really seem to fit well with the law firm theme. 
Not that lawyers don't have friends mind you!!
One day I was going up the stairs at the school and what had been staring me in the face for 1 1/2 years, finally clicked.


Jim agreed, and that is what it is.

I was just doing a bit of a blog crawl.  That is where I go and check on the blogs I like to read and see if there are any updates.  One I like is Coal Creek Farm 
April has been posting fairly sporadically lately.
(Gee, how could that possibly happen?  Shuffling my feet, whistling and gazing up into the sky so I don't make eye contact!!)
But, in her update today she commented that she has been concentrating on
faith, family, farm.
That made me think of the law firm motto.
It also made me think that it isn't just the law firm motto. 
 It is our family motto.... 
Our banner.
Our standard.

Faith, family, future.  
That is what life is about for us.  Faith is what helps bind us together as a family. Faith and family are what motivates us to push forward with hope and anticipation for the future.
We believe that families are forever, they are eternal. 

 Faith, Family, Future.......


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