Friday, April 5, 2013


When I was a kid, I went to the library a lot.
I loved it.
During school term breaks my friends and I would go to the library to work on class projects.  The librarian would always tell us to, "Shhhhh!"  We would for a little while, and then our voices would eventually get back up to "Shhhhhh" worthy again.
When we lived in St. Paul, Minnesota, our neighborhood library was in a lovely old building.  In the summer time, I would load Joshua into his wagon and we would walk through the historic neighborhood to the library.  Our family used the library a lot, no matter where we lived.  When we moved to Tampa, we continued to go to the library.
That was....
the saga of.......
It is a story for another time.
But, it is really Joshua's and Jessica's story to tell.
Each version will most likely be different.
All that matters is that "Thunder Bunny" was eventually returned to its library home..........
Today I took Samuel to the library.  We have not been to the library for a long, long time and I thought that it was about time that we made it a weekly event.  I picked Friday morning because I knew it would be quiet, no story time groups.  Eventually we will work up to going when it is busier, but I wanted it to be a good, calm experience today.
Sam's therapist, Liz, met us at the Seffner-Mango Library at 10am.
Sam walked into the children's section and declared,
"Oh boy, there must be 1,000 books!"
Sam played on the computer for a few minutes and then went about the serious work of selecting books.
4 Curious George books, 4 books about gardens and 4 Step into Reading books later, we left with plans to return next Friday.
We love to read in our family.  It was so wonderful to see Sam so excited about books.  He had his pile on the seat next to him on the drive home and excitedly told me all about them.  Such wonderful words coming out of my little boy's mouth.  We are slowly, but surely making our way together.  I love to see the world open up before him,
Even a simple trip to the library.

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