Friday, August 24, 2012

I Dreamed.........

The Republican National Convention has been on my mind a bit the past week.
It is being held here in Tampa.
If I could vote, I would probably vote Republican.
(No hate comments, you will be deleted without any hesitation......I like Mitt)
But, that isn't why it has been on my mind.
Every morning and every afternoon I have to drive past downtown Tampa to get to Sam's school.  I can go 2 different ways.  Next week, one of those ways will be closed because of the Republican National Convention.
It is my favorite way.
It is my quickest way.
It is the way with the least amount of traffic.
I know that I am not the only one in this predicament.
So, next week I have to go another way.
The way I usually come home, but I hate to go that way.
Several people have suggested that I stay in a hotel on the beach for that week and not worry about traffic at all.
But, now there is the possibility of a hurricane coming our way.
I do not want to be stuck at the beach if that happens!
So, instead, I will drive through this.....
I think because all this has been on my mind.
Last night I had a dream.......
I dreamed that this Sunday Mitt Romney and his family were sitting behind us at church.
Samuel liked the look of his family and climbed over the pew and onto Mitt Romney's lap.  He then proceeded to insist that Mitt Romney play Jelly Cars on the IPad.
Governor Romney was very good, you could tell he has grandsons!
Dreams, we all have them.
I started to think about the other kind of dreams.
The dreams we have of our future - or our present.
When we were little we would dream of what we wanted to be when we grew up.
Who we would marry.
Where we would live.
Dreams for our life.
When we grow older.....
I mean older, middle aged older, and even older than that.
Do we still have dreams?
I mean more that goals.
For myself, I don't know......
and that makes me sad.

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