Friday, July 1, 2011

Captiva Island

For Spring Break this year, we went to Captiva Island.
We came back rejuvenated......relaxed.........tanned (Well, some of us)
and I was ready to go back the next week and do it all again!!
We didn't do anything spectacular.
We didn't go on a huge adventure each day.
But, it was one of the best holidays I have ever had.
I blogged about the first day of our trip here

Our first full day spent on Captiva Island, just happened to be Easter Sunday.
We usually dye Easter eggs, but we knew that we probably wouldn't have time on Saturday, we we bought plastic eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide this year.
As the eggs were found, they were deposited in this handy yellow bowl
Samuel on the hunt for Easter eggs
Jessica got in on the action as well
Baskets of goodies
Samuel made quite a haul, but Jessica wasn't left out!
Relaxing in the living room
Looking out at the pool - spent most of our time there!!
Eating an entire carton of ice-cream!!!
That is what vacations are for!!!!

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Revan Kohl said...

What do you mean 'some of us'?