Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Around and Around and Around we go! Where we'll stop.......nobody knows!!!

Today we went to the Glazer Children's Museum here in Tampa.
We had planned to go yesterday, but on the first Tuesday of the month they have $2 admission after 2pm.  I suspected it would be very, very busy - crowded to the maximum.  That is not a great thing when planning a trip out with Samuel.  Especially when it is a new place for him.
So, we decided to get there when it first opened today instead.
To quote Samuel,
"Good choice!"
 Even though it wasn't extremely crowded, it was still a little overwhelming to Sam.
For approximately the first hour, all he did was run around and around from one thing to another.  He stayed no more that 20 seconds at each thing.
The exceptions to this was the above exhibit.
It was a climbing station for the kids.  The idea being that your child is a drop of water going from one leaf to another.  Samuel absolutely loved this.......Jessica insisted on going and "helping" Samuel a few time.........

Samuel also stopped at the "Outback Cafe".
He was fascinated with the pretend pizza ovens.  You pressed a button and a light flickered on and off while your pretend pizza cooked.  We had to wait until the light stopped.
Right next door to the cafe was the fire station!
The fire truck had a siren and a wonderful flashing red light.
 This, however, is were we spent the bulk of our time.  Towards the end of our visit.
Samuel loved putting all the balls into the slot on the right and watching them shoot down the ramp.  All the balls were blue, except for one lone purple ball.  Guess which ball Samuel wanted every single time!!!
Yep, that purple ball.
It was kind of cool though.  Sam held the purple ball up to the blue balls and said, "Same......and different."
A few scuffles ensued when someone else happened to get the purple ball, but nothing to earth shattering!!!

I did have a "Ha to you lady" moment.
I was doing the 5 minute countdown, preparing Samuel to leave.
"5 minutes and then it is time to go home Sam."
"4 more minutes."
I was about at the, "3 more minutes" mark when a lady asked me if I truly expected that to work and with a laugh said, "Good luck with that!"  She had also witnessed some of the purple ball issues.
"2 more minutes."
"Only 1 more minute Sam."
"No more minutes Sam, time to go home."
With that, Samuel took my hand and we headed towards the door.
I couldn't resist looking back at the lady who made the above comment.  She did seem suitably impressed.........and boy was I glad that the count down worked today!!!

We had a good time at the museum and will most certainly be heading back.  Hopefully, next time Samuel will be more familiar with the surroundings and will want to try out some of the other exhibits.  We will never go on the $2 special days........even if I had typical kids I wouldn't do that I think!!
A great hands on museum.


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