Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Are you a Cheater???

Yesterday I found a new blog that I really enjoy.  It is on my favorite blog list, but if you want to go and check it out, it is called Seven Cherubs

Today, Naomi did a post called

It really made me stop and think.  It actually made me think about something I already knew, but she has a wonderful way with words.
Samuel loves to play board games.  His favorites at the moment are Connect Four and Chess.  He will play other games as well, but he likes to he will try and cheat.  He then declares, very proudly I might add, that Sam has won!

Connect Four and Chess are different.
Samuel has his own rules.
Samuel plays them his own way.
If we try to intervene and play these games according to the written instructions, we are told,
"NO!  NO!!  NO!!!"
We are cheating at the game he has made up.

Sam is autistic.
Sam has autism.
I am still not sure what is considered the correct way to say it.
To me, the most important thing is that Samuel is MY little boy.
Because of the autism so much of his life revolves around therapy.
Revolves around helping him find his place in this world.

As Samuel's mother I try to join him in his world.
I try to see things as he does.
I try to play Samuel's games by his rules.
I try really hard not to cheat.

 The Connect Four pieces are placed in groups of 2 on the sofa and other places as well, but, typically they need to be on the sofa,
 Two Connect Four pieces are placed on each sofa cushion.  The pillows are placed behind each set of two.  Usually, there are two purple bears on the edge of each sofa cushion.
But, today, they are otherwise engaged......
 Today, the bears are hanging out on the clock.
Earlier this morning the purple bears were playing chess with the garden gnomes.
 Did you think I was lying???
I may cheat at my children's games and not play by their rules....
But, I don't lie!
Especially about garden gnomes!
Samuel hasn't quite grasped how to play chess yet.
But, he sets up the board perfectly.
I have no doubt that my 5-year-old will soon master the game of chess....
his rules or the rules according to the world around us I am not sure.

We need to listen to our children.  They have a lot to tell us.



Anonymous said...

Cool blog. And yes, I do read it. :-)--Brad

Revan Kohl said...

I've never been that good at chess, but I could beat him at checkers when he learns that one :P