Friday, July 8, 2011

I got my toes in the water.........

.......rear in the sand
Not a worry in the world, cold water in my hand.
Life is good today.  Life is good today.
Well....I did change some of the above lyrics to make it more friendly to my blog!
But, that pretty much sums up our day yesterday.
Yesterday was the only chance we had to go to the beach.
The day before we had decided to go to Fort Desoto beach.
When we woke-up, it was extremely overcast and the weather report said that rain was on its way.  We decided to risk it anyway!
After a quick run to the store for supplies......
getting everyone up and moving......
 packing a picnic lunch and a few snacks......
taking a few calls that were work related......
loading up the car........
should have slathered on some sunscreen right about this point of the morning!
We were off!!!!!

We passed through several minor rain showers on the way there, but once we arrived.......
This was pretty much how the parking lot looked - nearly empty
 The beach wasn't very busy either
 The beach filled up as the day went on, but it certainly couldn't be called "busy".
Not by Florida standards anyway!

We did all the usual beach things.
Built sand castles
Dug huge holes to China
Started to cover Jim in sand......but gave up
Ate lunch
Swam some more
Packed up, rinsed off
Ate an ice-cream
Drove home

We even had a skinny dipper make an appearance.
Unfortunately, it was Sam......or fortunately depending on how you look  saw look at it!!
Samuel obviously didn't read this sign.

There we were, swimming around, not a care in the world,
I saw Sam's swimsuit floating away with the current.
Sam was laughing hysterically as he flung his hat and started to take off his shirt.
Do you have any idea how difficult it is to put swim trunks onto a squirming, wriggling 5-year-old while chest deep in the ocean????
Very difficult.
But, it is possible when the person doing the putting is determined enough and has the help of a Jessica!

It was a good day.
It reminded me of my childhood.
We spent nearly every summer day at the beach.
It is a good way to spend the summer.


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Revan Kohl said...

Should have used sunscreen though...