Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Today has been a very good day so far and I don't foresee it turning into a bad day.
Sooo.......HAPPY MONDAY!
This morning we all woke-up wide-eyed and bushy tailed.
Well, some of us not so wide-eyed!
First thing this morning, Jessica headed off with her Dad and finally, finally, finally go her
Insert the sound of a heavenly choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus.
I drove Samuel to school.

After dropping Samuel off at Sydney's School for his camp, I met Jim and Jessica at the Westshore Mall.  It had been a very long time since we had taken Jessica anywhere with just us and her, so, today was the day!!  We had decided to go to the movies and see the last Harry Potter movie.
We all enjoyed the movie, all though, the claim that
was a little scary!!
Of course, I know that it refers to the series of movies and books, the battle between Harry and the guy who's name can't be spoken!
But, at first glance.......

Don't feel badly for Samuel, he had fun
Samuel played "Memory" with Miss Katelyn.  Samuel turned over matching "umbrellas" and then proceded to make an umbrella out of the memory blocks.
Samuel also designs microwave ovens in his spare time!
There is a little bit of trampoline jumping in his new Crocs.
A frog and a bumblebee!
For my Sharing Time at church on Sunday, I made play doh for all the Primary kids so they could build Temples like the Mormon pioneers.  For Family Home Evening, we are going to build our own temples with the left over play doh.  Then rice pudding for a snack.
A good Monday.

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