Sunday, April 24, 2011


Well, today was actually yesterday, but I didn't have a computer to work with.  Soooo, I am blogging about
Yesterday we loaded up the car.  When I say loaded, I mean that not another thing could have possibly fitted into it, made a few pit stops and then drove down to Captiva Island.
Our first pit stop was to drop Blue off at the dog boarding kennel.  We have never done this before and we hope that he will have a good week there.
Our second pit stop was for food.  We are Purdys and we need food to sustain us on a long drive.
Our third pit stop was the cemetery to wish Emma a happy birthday.  Emma would have been seven.  Each year I think it is getting easier to put the bunch of pink roses on her headstone.  Each year I tell myself that it is getting isn't.

Then, we drove to Captiva Island.
It was an uneventful drive.  There were quite a few very bad drivers on the road and quite a few accidents on the way, but, uneventful for us.

We arrived around 4pm and were very, very happy with
The Mermaid House

We jumped in the pool as soon as we arrived.  Samuel did not want to get out!  After a throw together dinner we walked to the beach.
We arrived just in time to see the sun set into the gulf.  It was beautiful.....the sun looked like it was just melting into the water.

It was a fitting end to a good day.
Standing on the beach, watching the sun sink into the ocean, watching our little boy chasing the tide as it ebbed in and out.
Thinking of Emma and wondering if she was thinking of us.

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