Saturday, April 9, 2016

On Island Time - St. George that is.

Last week Jim and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.
We have only gone away once to celebrate our anniversary.
I was pregnant with Joshua at the time.  So, it was quite a while ago!
So, we thought that we deserved to do something special for our 30th.
We tried to go away last weekend, but, it was not to be.
This weekend we headed of to St. George Island for a week.
Just Jim and me...and Sam.
The drive there was fairly uneventful, but, we did learn a thing or to and see a thing or two that we had no idea about before today.  Once we turned off I75, it was a whole new world.
We observed that no matter how small the town was that we drove through, they had a...
Every one.  I am not joking.
They also had a
and many of them had
BBQ restaurants were not in short supply either.
We saw a Shell gas station advertising spectacular restrooms.
Across the road, the Mobil gas station had clean  restrooms.  But, but - wait for it - but the Mobil station also was selling barbecue in their food section.  But, but, that is not even the best part!!  Are you ready?  Can you even stand the wait any longer??  After driving for many hours in slower than molasses traffic, this struck some of us as hilarious.  The barbecue place was called drum roll "Butt Rub."  No, we didn't partake.  We ate at Burger King instead.  They needed a sign that read, "World's smallest Restrooms."  They were fairly clean, but not spectacular.

We did pass a sign advertising

Alas, it was in February, so we couldn't observe the delights of a Fiddler Crab Festival.
But, then, we saw advertising that did make us sit-up and peaked our curiosity.
"Worm Gruntin' Festival."
I kid you not.
It was packed!!!
Apparently, worm gruntin' is best done in the morning.  You can try your hand at it later in the day, but, your success is not guaranteed.
I thought we should have gotten matching t-shirts.
Sam didn't like the fonts.  Jim just shook his head at me.  He does that a lot.  I was thinking family Christmas presents.  Jim was not.  Sorry family, maybe next year.

After quite a bit more driving.
We arrived!!
The wind was a little chilly today, but, that did not stop us from walking the beach several times.  Sam swam in the ocean and loved it.  We all swam in the heated pool and loved it.  Seafood for dinner and now we are just chillin'.

As I was walking along the beach with Sam this afternoon, it reminded me of when I was growing up and all the summers spent at the beach.  I think the beach today has come the closest to reminding me of the beaches back in Tasmania.
Things can always change, but, I think it is going to be a good week.

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