Saturday, April 16, 2016

Let's Go Fly A Kite....

So, what do you do when it is your last full day of vacation?
You are steps from the beach.
It is a bit of a chilly day.
It is a bit of a windy day.
Fly a kite of course!!
And that is exactly what we did this morning.
 Like I said previously, it was a little on the nippy side today, so the beach was deserted.
 One lone umbrella making a stand against the wind.
 Just in case you missed it the first time, here it is again!
 Love the waves.
 Here is the butterfly kite in action.
 A few seconds later.
 Not long after this shot, Jim did a marvelous, and extremely graceful, fall backwards in an attempt to keep the kite in the air.  Alas, it was all in vain.
 Afterwards, Sam and I went for a swim and played a little swimming pool basketball.
According to Sam, he scored 1, 999 points and I scored -  0.
I think not.
We explored the island a bit.  Climbed the lighthouse.
Apparently, it is frowned upon to stomp up the lighthouse steps.
Jim said it was a good thing I wasn't there.   There might have been some words spoken between the anti-foot stomping police and me if I had been.
I said, no, I would have just joined in on the stomping being the rebel that I am.
I think foot stomping is a lot like jumping in puddles.
Sometimes, you just have to do it.
The first and only unfriendly person we have met all week.

We drove back to  Apalachicola to buy another print to go with the ones we purchased the other day.  Fate was not on our side and he had just closed the store for the day 20 minutes prior.  So, we made a few laps around the business district looking for ceiling fans.

Blue Parrot for an early dinner.
 Sam must have been extra hungry, he had a corn dog in both hands.
 He drank his water and lemonade at the same time as well, I just wasn't quick enough to get a picture of that! 
 Jim ate his food the normal way.
Good seafood! 

We made one last stop at Aunt Ebby's Ice-cream so Jim and Sam could get milkshakes.
It is tradition that all Lightning games need to be watched while drinking a chocolate milkshake.
That was exactly how the night was spent.  Watching ice hockey.
Somebody lost a tooth on the ice and Sam wanted to know if the tooth fairy was going to visit them.
Love the beach and will miss it when we go home tomorrow.  

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