Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Yesterday was an extremely quiet day.
Despite liberal, frequent application of sunblock on Monday, Sam and I managed to get just enough sunburn to make us miserable.
Parts of Sam's back and arms glowed in the dark.
Me? My lower legs and feet. 
My face was quite red, but, my legs and feet. 
Aloe is our friend.
We did manage to drag ourselves to Aunt Ebby's Ice-Cream shop.
Ice-cream is also our friend.

Today was extremely overcast and had the forecast of rain.
We decided to head off to the town of Apalachicola.
It was on my list of things to do if we had a morning to kill.  It was worth the short drive.
We spent a lovely time wandering around Apalachicola - Oyster capitol of the world.
Every shop we went it had fantastic customer service.  Everyone was friendly and went out of their way to help.  They were patient with Sam's never ending questions about fans...and light bulbs don't even ask.  If a fan wasn't turned on, it was by the time we had left the store.
We ate lunch at "The Owl Cafe."  Delicious.
Here is a smattering of a few of the shops that we explored may have spent a few dollars
Could have spent hours in here.
They had a table set up with checkers outside.  Jim and Sam spent some time there while I perused the goods.
We stopped at Oysterbones to get a treat for Blue, the big golden dog.
Look at this picture closely and you will figure out why we initially went into Richard Bickel's photography studio.
Right in the center.
At the top.
Yep, the ceiling fan.
We actually got to meet Richard Bickel and talk to him about his work.
Sam spoke to him about ceiling fans.
Fantastic work and some of it will now grace the walls of our home.
Spent a little time in here as well.
Sam told them all about his dog Blue.  They told Sam that next time he should bring Blue to see them. They turned on all the ceiling fans for Sam and patiently told him that 2 of the fans needed to stay off or they would knock all the fishing rods off the wall.
Sam bought a big yellow shovel with his tooth fairy money so he could dig huge holes on the beach.
 There were several of these interesting planters placed along one side of the street.
Waste not want not.
The original Sponge Bob Square Pants.
This handsome fellow was sitting outside one of the stores.  Sam had just purchased a large sea shell so he could listen to the sounds of the ocean whenever he wants.
We checked out a few more stores and then headed back to St. George Island.

We have had a wonderful trip so far.  We have never been in this neck of the woods before and didn't really know what to expect.  Everyone that we have come in contact with, in every shop, every restaurant, have been the friendliest and most understanding of just about anywhere we have travelled.  Nothing is to much trouble and they are all absolutely wonderful to Samuel.  They turn on fans, explain how something works, answer his endless questions and laugh at his bad jokes.

After a swim we went to the Blue Parrot for dinner.
 It was a rainy late afternoon and evening.
But, that didn't spoil view.
Waiting for our food.
Sam thoroughly recommends their corn dogs.
And, of course, there is always the fan of all fans to sit under.
Sam doesn't ask for this one to be turned on.
He understands that we would all be swept up in the current and blown out to sea.

Have I told you how much I love the beach??
Off to eat some Key Lime pie.

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