Monday, April 11, 2016

A Brisk Day on St. George.

Well, the morning started off a little rough.
It was cold and windy outside, and inside?  Inside had some rough weather as well!
Lately, Sam has been asking the following questions on a frequent basis.
"Did I lose it?"
"Did I lose something?"
"Am I grounded."
If you answer incorrectly for any of these questions.
"What did I lose?"
"For how long?"
I think you get the idea.
And when I say these questions are asked on a frequent basis, I mean repeatedly. 
Over and over and over and over.
It is like Sam gets on a loop and there is no getting off.
Eventually, one, or sometimes both, of his parents go silently go insane and lock themselves in the bathroom.  I can't say that it is a silent insanity.  You usually make some sort of noise when you are exasperated.
But, this phase will pass.  Just have to ride it out.

Because I happened to be the parent who locked herself in the bathroom today, Jim and Sam went for a walk to find "Aunt Ebby's Ice Cream Shop."  It happened to be shut, so we decided to all go together after lunch.
We stopped off at the St. George Lighthouse to check it out.
Jim and Sam getting ready to climb to the top.
The Lighthouse Keeper's cottage.  It is now a museum and gift shop.
Emerging from their climb.
 Jim took these photos at the top of the lighthouse.
He was trying to get Sam to pose.
So, the category is either, "it is what it is." Or, "shenanigans at the top of the lighthouse."
On the way to ice-cream, we stopped at
Sometimes It's Hotter Seasoning Company

to pick-up some seasonings for our fish tonight.
Then on to what Sam had been looking forward to for days!!
 Aunt Ebby's Ice-Cream
 Sam had a double.  A large scoop of chocolate and a large scoop of cookies and cream.
Jim and I had singles.
A fun atmosphere.

Then on to buy some grouper, scallops and the fixin's!
Sam started with the questions again, so we decided that he needed to spend some time with this motely looking pirate.

It was still a bit chilly, but, Sam and I headed to the beach anyway.  Taught Sam how to used a boogie board and he spent a few hours in the waves.
For dinner I whipped up some baked grouper and scallops with bacon.   Wasn't a bad little feast even if I do say so myself!!
Sam was one tired little boy and fell asleep on the couch way before his usual bed time.
Love the beach.

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