Thursday, December 17, 2015

Here's Pie in Your Eye

Wednesday evening we went to Blue Heaven for dinner.  It is one of our favorite places to eat in Key West.  Great food, great service and great atmosphere.
 Love their banana bread.
Thankfully they are only a block or so from where we staying, so we can restock our supply of banana bread.
 Tristen having breakfast.
What is he having??
Banana bread of course.
 Mmmh?  What new wardrobe addition does Tristen have??
Big hint.  Sam picked it for his nephew.
They are green.
 Tristen has come over to the Croc side.
 Joshua, Courtney and Tristen went to the Key West Butterfly Conservatory
 We hoped that there wouldn't be a repeat of the Great Butterfly Massacre of 2007.
We will not mention the details.
 Apparently, stories had been passed down from butterfly to butterfly.
They heard the name Purdy and chose to swarm the most vulnerable one.
Poor Tristen was not impressed with the flocks of butterflies.
We all met up for lunch at Caroline's
 on Duval Street.  Great food and very good service. 
 Tristen playing peek-a-boo with Grandma.
 We walked up and down Duval Street for a bit and then went back to the house and relaxed for a bit.  We needed to conserve our energy for the planned family fun in the evening.
 Joshua and Courtney prepared a taste test to see if we really knew our sodas.
 Jim was the only one that scored 100% correctly.
But, he wasn't quite so gleeful in his victory when we moved on to a new family game.
 Pie in the Face first try.
 Sam wanted to be hit in the face with a big glob of whipped cream.
 Courtney wasn't that impressed.
 I made it through the first round,
 Tristen just wondered what the heck was going on.
 Yep, Sam thought it was great!
 My turn,
 It is all fun and games until Jim gets hold of the camera!!
Finally, after multiple rounds, Jessica finally lost her luck!!

So, just in case you missed it the first time.
And because this caused the most hilarity and uncontrollable laughter. 
I will share it again.
We know how to have a good time.
Just wait and see what we have planned for tomorrow.
It may involve pirates and a lot of "aarghing."

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