Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Old House.......Before

I have been promising  photos of our 1880 house......
here they finally are!

Here are the before photos.
You will have to wait a few days for the

They will be worth it.......I promise!!
So will the 
But, will we every truly be finished???
Front view from Lenna Avenue
Side view from Seffner Avenue
Back view from the parking lot
The Barn, complete with flowery mural!!
Portable, the future use for this building??  Who knows!!
I laid odds that there would be a dead body in the bottom of the pool
Dining room - but wait - the wallpaper gets better!!!
Looking through to the living room
Downstairs hallway
Living Room
Hallway again
Front bedroom
Upstairs bedroom
2nd Upstairs bedroom
Told you that the wallpaper got better! Ha!

So, this is the beginning.
A lot of work some may say.  We agree.
But, the house has such a great feel to it.
It needs to be taken care of.
It needs a lot of 
(a little bit was spilled here and there)
(copious  amounts, buckets in fact)
(I'm not saying who shed the most......Jim trying to rein everyone in, or me, not wanting to be reined in!!) 
One thing we have learned when fixing up a house built in 1880......
take what you think it will cost and double triple it - at the least!!

But, we love the house.
I want to retire in this house.
Of course, that would mean gutting the kitchen and bathrooms.
Completely redoing the landscaping.......
Can you hear that sound??  I think it is Jim crying....


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