Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hi Benny!!!!

I didn't have an imaginary friend when I was growing up.  I may have one or two now........just not when I was a child.
I'm just kidding about having one or two now....
You know I'm kidding......right????  Right?????
I did like to dress-up.  I liked to dress-up as Batman.

My children have all had great imaginations.  Joshua and Jessica have not had any imaginary friends, at least that I know about.
When Jessica was little, she would come out of her room dressed as a Princess, Sheriff or maybe a Cowboy.  She would announce that, "Today, I am Sheriff Jessie!"  That is what she had to be called all day, and that is how she dressed all day.

Sam has always had a pretty good imagination.  That isn't always the case with children who have Autism.  But, Sam has a playful sense of humor and a good imagination.  After all, we have trains passing through our living room on a regular basis!
There are many discussions on whether they are fast or slow, going left or right.
We often cannot pass from one room to the other because we have to wait for the train signal to go up.  We have caused a whole mob of people to stop in their tracks at Busch Gardens while we wait for the signals to go up.........Sam's imaginary ones, not the ones actually going over tracks............
As a side note.
We have grown to love the sound of the trains as they speed past Jim's new office.
Because they bring such joy to our little boy.

Yesterday, we were at the office getting ready to go swimming.
Sam came running into the reception area.
Throwing his arms open wide, he declared, "This is my friend Benny!"
There wasn't anyone there.
"Where did you meet Benny?" I asked.
"I don't know," was the reply.
After asking a few questions, I found out that Benny is seven-years-old, his birthday is September 25th and he has brown hair like Sam.  Benny couldn't go swimming because he had to go to the hospital. 
After we had been swimming about 30 minutes, Samuel announced that Benny was back from the hospital and was now jumping into the pool.
Much laughing and splashing ensued.......

How long will Benny be with us??
I don't know.
I felt like I needed to put a picture of Benny in my post, so, I googled
The results were a little frightening, so there will not be any photos of Benny here.
Go on, google it, it dare ya!!!!  I triple dog dare ya!!!!!

Sally-Ann & Benny

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