Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day.......songs, flowers, red hats & more!

On Friday, Sam's school held a special Mother's Day program.
They all sang us some songs.
Here they are all ready to sing
"You are my Sunshine."
In this shot they are performing their closing number......
I was very sad because my memory card filled up.  But, I still managed to get some video! 

Can you pick out Sam???

After a wonderful performance, we went back to the classroom.
There, waiting for us, was some wonderful gifts, handmade especially for us!!!
A card,
memo board,
laminated place mat,
handwritten letter,
a BEAUTIFUL red hat with a butterfly magnet clipped to it!!
There was also a wonderful feast waiting for us.

I truly appreciate all the time Samuel's teacher and therapists put into helping make it such a wonderful day.  Two years ago I wondered if Samuel would ever be able to participate in this type of event.  Well, he has, he does and he will.

Sam's letter
"I like to hang out with Mum. 
We like to play at the play ground. 
 I love running! 
After words we go to lunch. 
I like PB and J. 
I love you Mum."

It was a 1/2 day for Sam's school, so Jessica, Sam and I went off to the Florida Aquarium for the rest of the afternoon.  We haven't been for quite some time, so I thought it would be fun.  Sam was most excited because......
at the aquarium........
there is.........
Sam told me, "It is only one level, not like the escalator in Utah, but that is OK."

A very good day.
Definitely got my  fill of "happy!"

Today was also a good day!
Jim made French Toast for breakfast and I had the treat of having breakfast in bed.
It was a good day at church.  The Primary children and the YM/YW (12-18 year-olds) sang a song for their mothers.  Good lessons taught.  A fairly lazy afternoon.  We all went to the cemetery and put a rose on Emma's grave, she is always in my heart, but on Mother's day.......can't express the feelings today.
Jim made a wonderful dinner, Jessica cleaned up, Joshua called and Samuel.......well, Samuel did what Samuel does! 
After Samuel quizzing us all with "tell the time" flashcards, he is now fast asleep and I am waiting patiently for the video to download!!!  It take sooooo long!  But, I want to share the joy!

I love being a Mum.
I love my husband.
I love my children.


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Christine said...

Thank you for sharing :) Sam also had a WONDERFUL day in primary class as well :)