Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring Break in the Keys

I have already done one post about our Spring break in Marathon.
Yesterday I finally downloaded our pictures.
 We had some kayaks at the house we stayed at.
The little jetty and launch area was literally 5 steps from our back veranda.
 Jim was a very brave adventurous brave man and took his Dad and Sam out for a paddle.
 They were not gone very long.......
 I couldn't watch.
 Sam thought it was great fun and wanted to go again.
Jim did go out again.
Very, very early in the morning......
by himself.
The neighbors boat
 View from the back veranda
 Our dock
 This is how the veranda railing looked most of the time!
 The pool.
See the alligator lurking by the side of the pool?
I sat and blew that thing up with my own hot air.
Do you think Sam was grateful???
No, didn't ride on it once!!!!
It is now sitting next to our pool......deflated.
 Dual "Jelly Cars" or, possibly, "Blast Monkeys"
 Mom and Dad.........relaxing with Pringles
 We went on a sunset cruise.
 Sam waiting patiently
 Mom, Dad and Jessica
Not sure what Jessica is doing
 Michelle and Jim
Sam contemplating an apple slice
 There is our house!!
The one with the swimsuits and towels hanging over the veranda!!!
 Here it is again!
You know, just in case you missed it the first time!!!

 So serious........
 The Seven Mile Bridge
 Had to stop and think why I took a picture of this restaurant by the 7 mile bridge.
The kids can swim in a pool there while parents sit poolside and eat.
I am assuming that the kids can eat as well if they choose to do so!
Sam and me

 Me and Sam
 A little bit of pole dancing
 Jim saying something "smart"
 Me about to reply
 Jim, Sally-Ann, Jessica and Samuel
 Mom and Dad
 Jessica, Sally-Ann, Jim, Samuel, Dad, Mom and Michelle

 Sam and Captain Jim

The boat's name is Lady Catherine.
Here is Jessica with Captain Jim's wife, Catherine in the background.

Great people and if you are ever trying to decide what to do in Marathon, Florida.......
here is the link
They do fishing, diving as well as the sunset cruises.

It was a fun evening!!


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