Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Escalators by the Temple McDonald's.........Cheap Entertainment

Sooooo, when we went to Utah for Joshua's graduation, Samuel started a new fixation.
I mentioned "the escalators" in one of my previous posts, but didn't elaborate all that much.
There is a new mall in downtown Salt Lake City, a fantastic mall to be exact. 

Sam loved the food court because they have a McDonald's. 

Everyone else in the family loves the food court because it has a huge variety of food options.
By the food court there is a series of escalators going down all the levels of the parking garage and up to the second level of the mall.

The mall is across the road from the Salt Lake Temple for our church.
Every time we asked Samuel what he would like to do, he replied, "I want to go to Temple McDonald's and then ride the escalators."
So, that is what we did several times.

Today in the cartoon section of the newspaper, there was the following cartoon.

It reminded me of our trip to Utah.
In fact, Sam still asks, "Are we going to Utah on Tuesday to ride the escalators by the Temple McDonald's?"

Sadly, I have to tell him, "No."
 Have you ridden an escalator today?
Try it, it is a good thing.......


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