Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow......

Jessica has very long hair. We find her very long hair everywhere. Most recently, the vacum cleaner stopped sucking stuff up. On further investigation, we found that it had sucked up its quota of Jessica hair and the rollers had ensnared enough Jessica hair to make several wigs.

Jessica's hair needed to be trimmed, a good trim.

Jessica decided that she could part with 10 inches and then donate it to "Locks of Love." This is the 2nd time that Jessica has done this and I am proud of her.

10 inches and then some later......

Ta Dah!!!!



The Kirby Family said...

What a brave girl! Last time I cut my hair I donated it to locks of love as well.

I bet she looks great with the new do;)

Jamimania said...

That's awesome! I love when people donate to locks of love, my 7 year old cousin donated last year at Christmas time, she said she wanted to give her hair to a little girl that's sick and doesn't have hair. So of course that made me cry. :) That's so funny that you said your vacuum cleaner quit sucking... we hosted a German student last year with long, blonde hair and the same thing happened to us. I couldn't believe the hair I pulled out when I took the vacuum cleaner apart. Crazy!!

BousMama said...

OMW!!! I did that once and while it felt really good to contribute to a cause, it was so sad. What a special girl you have!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I LOVE the name of yours!