Monday, February 16, 2009

Florida State Fair

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to going to the fair every year when it came to town. In Tasmania it wasn't called a "fair" however, we called it a "show". I'm not sure why it was called that, but every year I went to the Ulverstone Show. Maybe because it was an opportunity for everyone to "show off" the things they had made and entered into competitions at the show?

We have carried on the tradition by going to the fair every year wherever we have lived. When we lived in Minnesota, it was a very easy thing to do because we lived right next to the venue of the Minnesota State Fair. The kids were little, so we would go to the fair, when it was nap time we would go home, and then go back to finish off the day's adventure.

A few things change over the years, but a show is a show - or a fair is a fair - wherever in the country or world it is.

When I was little, me, my sister and her boyfriend got stuck on a Ferris wheel at the Ulverstone Show - in the rain I might add! I am a little wary of Ferris wheels now. But, every fair has them, even here in Tampa!

Crowds of people everywhere!!!! We usually go to the fair on the first Friday. Jessica gets a ticket from school and her school district has the day off for "Fair Day". We usually don't stay for the evening because there is a lot of gang activity and trouble that particular Friday evening every year.

We always check out the petting zoo. Sam loves to feed the animals. Here he is feeding a zebra. This is one of the spots we spend the most money I might add! Sam would stay here all day. The big kids won't admit it, but they had fun here as well!

Sam hardly stops smiling the whole time he is here. In this particular photo, the giraffe had just given Sam's face a bit lick. Of course, I didn't catch it on my camera..........

Yum, yum, carrot sticks and cute little boy fingers.

We did not go on this ride. You could not pay me enough to go on this ride. I sat enthralled watching this ride. How could people go on this ride? They sounded a big fog horn every time they launched someone in the air. If a ride warrants a fog horn blast every time someone takes off, it is not a ride for me.

Everything at the fair is either deep fried
(even the candy and drinks)

or on a stick
We did find some "healthy" fair food however. Well......healthier!
One of my favorite places at the Florida State Fair is Cracker Country. They show how life was back in the "olden days."
You meet all kinds of interesting people at Cracker Country.
Sam would stay here forever! It was very hard for a little boy not to touch this particular exhibit!

Toot, toot, chug-a-chug

Sam was also very excited to sit in a helicopter.

Relaxing in a rocking chair was also pretty fun!

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