Friday, February 27, 2009

Electronically Savvy

Our youngest son, Samuel, tends to be a bit obsessive about things.
His first great obsession was a foam letter T. T went with him everywhere, there was not substitution. If T was ever misplaced..........

it was a disaster of monumental proportions!

Then came the great "Airplane, bus, truck and train" obsession that lasted far to long for our sanity to stay intact! Every time an airplane, bus, truck or train was seen or heard, Samuel calmly announced it. The catch was, you had to repeat the word exactly how he wanted you to, or he escalated in volume and temper!!
It's a bus.
It's a bus!
It's a bus!!
It's a bus!!!
It's a bus!!!!
IT'S A BUS!!!!!
Thankfully, that obsession has now passed as well. It was PURE TORTURE driving down the interstate to get my daughter from school. Have you any idea how many buses, trucks, trains and airplanes we saw!!
It seemed like a trillion.
That obsession has now moved on and has been replaced by technology.

I never thought I would have to restrict my 3-year-old's computer use.

We have a child gate on our study door. If it is left open, Sam sneaks in, logs himself on and plays his favorite game. If you happen to be logged on, he will log you out of whatever programs you have open.

Sam calls this his "ABC Game".
It is a wonderful tool for learning letters and learning to read.
Just not all day, every day!
To make it even better, it is completely free!

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