Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 6 continued: YEEHAW!

Wednesday evening, the boys stayed at the hotel.  
Jim was going to get a pizza and watch TV.  
Samuel wanted fries, go for a walk and play.
I think you all know who won that brief, but intense, negotiation.
Jessica and I took a short walk across the parking lot to spend the evening at.......
 Jessica and I enjoyed the Dixie Stampede more than Dollywood.
 It was fun from the very beginning.
The pre-show entertainment was fantastic and a lot of fun.
We got caught up in the moment and even bought their CD.  How much have we listened to it?
Once, on the way home. 
You have to like a place that serves their soda in a boot.
How many times do you think we have sat and drank out of our boots since??
But we have the boots if you ever get the urge!
 There was horse riding, stunts and singing
 The arena.....the action was about to start.
It was a reenactment of the Civil War.
This time the winner was chosen by much more civil means!
Chicken catching
Pig races
Wood cutting
just to name a few........

Jessica and I sat on the South side because we are from the South. 
One of us a little bit further South than the other!!
The grand finale.
With Dolly Parton singing on the screen.
And the winner???
We helped rewrite history that night.
Yeehaw ya'll
PS.  Jessica loved the gift shop, she went back the next day

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Jess said...

I went back to get a CD, only reason. And to get a flag... So I guess that's two reasons.