Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 5, or, PADDLE FASTER!!! I hear banjo music!!

On the Tuesday of our vacation we met-up with Joshua and Courtney to do a little white water rafting down the Pigeon River.  We chose 5 Rivers Adventures  to raft down the river with.  We only did the milder lower section, but it still gave us plenty of thrills and near spills!!
You may have noticed that I was not paddling during our adventure.  I had the task of keeping Samuel in the raft......this was not a easy task.  He wanted to swim.......
Samuel trying to make a break for it once again!!!
Our guide was Chase.  He was fantastic with Samuel.

Some memorable points of our trip and some advice for your rafting adventure if you choose to go sometime.........
  • Sam sure loves the water.
  • When Samuel's mother states that he is screaming because he wants to get in the water.....believe her.
  • When a little boy finally gets in the water, he can sure swim fast......away from the raft.......this results in our guide having to take a swim also..........trying to catch-up to our raft as we float, "merrily, merrily, merrily", down the river.
  • There is no way you won't stay dry during this adventure.
  • Rain adds a whole different spin on our adventure.  What parts were dry are now wet.
  • When Chase says, "Paddle!"  You paddle like you hear banjo music coming from the trees.
  • If you hear banjo music coming from the trees.......paddle even if Chase hasn't told you to!
  • Memorable quote......Jim, upon jumping in the water to get Samuel, says, "I can't touch the bottom??"
  • We discovered that you can surf....on a raft.....on a river........
  • Always bring a towel and a change of clothes.

We had a great time and would like to go back and do the harder rapids.
Which members of the family do you think remembered to bring a change of clothes and towels??
After saying good-bye to Joshua and Courtney, we headed back to the hotel to shower, rest a bit and then head off to Old Mill Square to have a look around and find somewhere to eat.
We checked out several of the shops, especially the toy shop and pottery shop.  Then went back to the hotel to chill out.

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