Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 3

 If at all possible, Jim, Sam and I had a even worse night sleep than the previous night.  We thought Samuel would be exhausted and go to bed early and sleep well.  Boy, were we wrong!!!

Joshua, Courtney and Jessica all seemed to sleep well.  It was Sunday and we all started to get ready for church.  One Purdy took an extraordinary LOOONG amount of time  in the bathroom.  There was only one bathroom and 6 people needed to use it.  As a consequence, 4 members of the family were a little late for church and 2 decided to stay at the cottage for the morning.

 Samuel and I played some games, built a house out of legos and had a yummy snack.
Then we went out on the porch and sat in the rocking chairs.  Samuel ran around the yard exploring and having a wonderful time.
 There were the most beautiful butterflies flying around.  All kinds of colors.
Samuel and I sat very, very still and some of the butterflies came and landed on our hands.
It was just like a sharing time that I gave a few weeks before at church.  I told the children that if they wanted to catch a butterfly, they had to sit very, very still.  If they wanted to feel the spirit of the Lord they also had to sit very, very still and listen with their ears and their hearts.
 Samuel and I had a wonderful quiet moment with the butterflies.  Sam declared that it was, "Cool", and I had to agree.

Butterflies were much better than..........

Unfortunately, our peaceful time outside was interrupted by the return of the local dog pack, so we had to go back inside.
The pictures on my blog today aren't actually mine.  Remember?  My camera died and it had the rechargeable type of battery.  4 cameras in our house and the cords were/are missing for all of them!!!!
Jim and Jessica came back from church.  We had lunch, vegged out a little and then went for a drive. On our drive we stopped at a gift shop and Jim bought a disposable camera.......I then stopped whining about not having a camera.
Drove back to the cottage, had dinner.  Not a very exciting day today!
Joshua and Courtney stopped by on their way back to Asheville.  Their car was crammed full of stuff as Courtney had emptied her room at her parents house.


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Wendy said...

We love butterflies, Ethan and and Evie enjoyed that butterfly sharing time lesson. I remeber them telling me about it in the car and thought it was so sweet and perfect...just like your little quiet time with Samuel and the butterflies.