Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 6: Hooray for Dollywood....

On Wednesday we headed off to........
We didn't start off the day very well.  We had yet to have a good nights sleep.  The air conditioning unit in the hotel room was very, very loud.  Sam has issues with fans clicking on and the noise they make.  So, we had to turn our air conditioner off when Samuel was awake and this made the room warm to say the least.  Samuel also felt like he was starting to get a fever.
Standing in line to get on the trolley was not a pleasant experience, we probably should have turned around then, packed our bags and headed off home to Florida.
But, NO, we will have fun if it kills us!
I'm H A P P Y
I'm H A P P Y
I know I am
I'm sure I am
I'm H A P P Y!!

Here is tip #1 for going to Dollywood
Do not go to Dollywood if you do not like Dolly Parton's music.
It is all they play and if you don't like Dolly's music, you will go INsANe.

Luckily for us, we do like Dolly Parton's music.  But, I was a tad sick of it by the time we left.  I am not sure if Jessica had ever heard any of Dolly's songs before.........she had a baptism by fire and decided that she liked it.

Not very many of the photos that we took on the disposable camera came out, but here are some!
Samuel loved spinning around with Jessica.  Jessica is a good big sister!
Samuel loved spinning around with Jim.  Jim is a good Dad!!
If all the photos had worked out, you would see Samuel going around and around with Sally.  Sally is a good Mum!!!
The train that we did not get to ride on.

I have no idea who these people are.  We didn't get to ride on this ride either.  We stood in line and waited.  We waited and waited and waited.  The line did not move.  Samuel was not impressed about the lack of movement.  So, we moved on.
Sam and Jim rode on the Veggie Tale ride twice.  Two thumbs up.
Sam and Dad also did the Tree Top Adventure.  Two thumbs up as well.  It helped that they gave some special considerations to a little boy who wasn't feeling all that well.
While the boys were climbing around, Jessica and I wandered aimlessly through the milling crowds......desperately searching for a cool place to sit.
This was everyone's favorite ride.  It was raining.  No wait.  We got wet, therefore, cool.
We also ate some OK BBQ that was very expensive in there somewhere.
Sam got a very cool Dollywood plate to take home.

We left.
We had visited Dollywood.  
We can now cross it off our list of places to see.

I am sure I would have enjoyed it better if........
I don't know. 
I was disappointed, I had actually been looking forward to it.
I do love spending time with my family and that is what makes the memories.  I love watching Samuel on the rides, his little face lights up.  I love watching Jessica in gift shops.  She cracks me up, I don't think Jessica has ever passed by a gift shop without going in!  Jessica goes on rides with her baby brother.  It brings back memories of Joshua being a good sport and going on rides with his little sister.  Jim is a good Dad and husband.  He wants everyone to enjoy themselves and does his best to make that happen.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment.  Jessica and I go to the Dixieland Stampede!   

PS.  Very disappointed that there were no Dolly Bobble Heads to be found.  We searched and searched.  Sorry everyone, we will have to go to plan B for Christmas presents this year.

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