Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thank You Wendy!

Wendy at nominated me for this award. Thank you Wendy!!

If you haven't checked out her page, you should. She makes wonderful cards and other items using stamps - the rubber kind, not postage!!! Please disregard my posts over there, I only seem capable of saying, "Cute!" But, so many of the cards, stamps and papers are so very, very cute!!

Anyway, as a result of receiving this award, I must now tell you 5 things that I am addicted to. Mmmmhhh, time to put on my thinking cap!!

  1. My kids - I love being around them, they make me smile, they make me content and they make me happy.
  2. Books - I love books, especially cook books and children's books.
  3. BBQ potato chips - they cannot come into the house.
  4. Travel - I love to travel, especially with my hubby, Jim. He makes it exciting.
  5. Decorating - I never seem to be satisfied, have to keep rearranging, tweaking, painting.......

I, of course, have more addictions that just 5, but this is all that I can handle confessing at the moment!

I also need to list 5 of the blogs that I enjoy visiting. This was really hard to narrow down because I visit all my favorite blogs every day if possible. that being said, here goes!!

  1. I enjoy visiting Aimee's blog because I always learn something. It could be some insights from a book that she is reading or a simple "What the heck is this?" guessing game. Aimee teaches Samuel's Kindermusik class, and that is a big part of his life.
  2. I just enjoy Rhea's take on life. On her blog banner it reads, "Words tangled with emotions spill onto paper and become a story worth telling."
  3. Lynette's blog first caught my attention because of her "Wednesday's walk down memory lane." It is pretty self explanatory - every Wednesday she invites us to share memories! I have yet to do that, something I will remedy this coming Wednesday. I also feel a kinship with her because she has gone through the loss of 3 children and has shared her story with others to help bring peace and comfort.
  4. The Parker family has been very faithful in commenting on my blog. I enjoy reading their blog and about their family!
  5. Ally is my hubby's cousin and has also been very faithful in posting on my blog. I enjoy hearing about her family and what they have been up to in the great frozen West!!!!

Like I said before, I love all the other blogs that if frequent as well, so take a look at them! If you have any favorites, please share with me!


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Parker Family said...

Thanks, we really enjoy your blog too. Your trips and the comedy! We miss all our friends in Florida!