Friday, January 2, 2009

Neighbors - who needs them!?

Tonight I did something I have only done once before........what could it be you may ask?
What exciting thing warrants a post on my blog?
Have you read my blog before???????
It does involve the sheriff's department
the return of bad neighbors.
I have neglected to give you the update of our redneck neighbors. After several more confusing weeks of, "Who exactly lives there?", several fights, washing machines parked in the driveway and rap music blaring - they all of a sudden where gone! Just like that - gone! We returned from our Canada trip to reports that our neighbors a few doors down had called the sheriff's department on them. But, we were glad to see them gone. It has been very quiet. Quiet that is until tonight.
At midnight I went to the kitchen to get a drink and could hear screams, yells, music and loud yahoos coming from our neighbor's house. Echoing, echoing because there isn't any furniture. It has been vacant for a while and we haven't seen anyone move-in. I stewed about whether to call the sheriff or not. Jim was and still is sound asleep, a dose of NyQuil is doing its job! Finally, when drunken youths started stumbling around the front yard beating up unsuspecting trees, I called.
Very nice Sheriff. The noisy inhabitants were family of the owners who apparently live across the street. They have family in town and decided to sleep all the teenagers in the vacant house. They ended up being a group of extremely drunk teenagers who threw-up at the deputy's feet.
Quiet next door right now. But, for how much longer?? Who will move in?? All I know is, not going to put up with drunken parties anymore. I sure hope that if they occur again that it is earlier in the evening! I'm getting to old to stay up this late!


southern family said...

Oh my gosh Sally! What a terrible thing to have to deal with! I guess I am gratful now, for the boring days here in Tremonton Utah. You may have a little to much action in your neighborhood for me! :) ha ha- love,ally

oh yea.. I wanted to tell you that my older sister amy... I know you remember her... well she started a blog too, so check it out.

Debbie said...

Hi Sally-Ann...Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. I just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up!

Rhea said...

wow, lol Definite excitement in your neighborhood. Goodness!

Good call on calling the cops though. Especially since you saw people move out, no one move in. Very suspicious.