Saturday, January 31, 2009

Everybody Dance Now!!!!

Last Thursday I received the 2nd half of my birthday present!!

First, we went to dinner at Maestro's Restaurant in downtown Tampa. It is part of the Performing Arts center. We had a real sit down adult meal - can't remember the last time that this had happened. If I can't remember it, you know it had to be a long time ago! There was chairs not covered with plastic, cloth napkins, drinks served without a straw, candlelight and not a chicken nugget or french fry in sight!! We didn't have to speed eat so someone could take Sam outside to chill out. Delicious food, great service and even better company.

We then went to a performance of Riverdance. It was wonderful, so much better "live". I hope that you enjoy the music that I have playing in honor of a great performance! I kept thinking of a episode of the comedy, "Third rock from the Sun." In one particular episode they went to see Riverdance. At the end they all burst out of the theatre door and clogged in the foyer. I kept thinking of this because I had a nearly overpowering desire to do the same! In fact, my feet are twitching even as I write!

Jim kept commenting that the girl's were very talented and great dancers, but the men were just show-offs. All I know is that they all need great talent, stamina and mighty strong calf muscles to dance like this night after night.

Have also added a video clip of Riverdance. It is the opening number. Our seats were quite close to the stage and it was quite loud! If you want to watch the clip, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of my page and turn the music off, or there will be dueling Riverdance music!

Get up and dance along!!!!


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