Friday, September 26, 2008

One fish two fish red fish blue fish

Jessica has quite a few things that she participates in over the year and as a family we attend related events to support her and enjoy her talents. Sitting through harp concerts, road shows, school open houses, parent teacher conferences, etc., can be very difficult for a active little boy. So, today, I thought it should be Sam Day.

We had yearly passes for the Florida Aquarium for a very long time when we first moved to Tampa. But after visiting it many, many times and also going there on many, many school field trips, we were "aquariumed" out for a while. Samuel has never been, so today I took him for a visit!

What could possibly have Samuel sitting so still and concentrating so hard??

This stingray was part of the sea shore exhibit. It kept swimming right by Sam and as it went by like this, it would flip water up and make a splash. This kept Sam sitting still and enthralled for 10 minutes!

Never smile at a crocodile......or in this case, a alligator!

I tried for several photos to get Samuel to look at me and say, "CHEESE".

Missed the smile
"CHEESE" again!


Sam LOVED playing on the big sea shells. He also loved the touch tank. Wish I could have taken some pictures of him touching the star fish and other various underwater creepy crawlies, but, if I had let go of his "gentle" hands to snap a picture, there would have been death and mayhem at the touch tank today.

These are called "Sea Dragons" and are from Australia. Ugly little critters, but fascinating!

We had a wonderful few hours at the aquarium. Many of the exhibits were closed for renovation, so we are looking forward to going back and exploring them when they open next month. They used to have a area called, "Explore the Shore". It had a splash area and several activities for children to participate in. The last time we were there, it was getting a little tired and worn. They now have a new area that is wonderful. I didn't take Samuel there today because we didn't have a towel or swimsuit for him, plus, I think there would have been major despair and wailing from my little boy when it was time to leave! That will be another thing to check out next time.
So, I will leave with a quote from Dr. Seuss.
"One fish
two fish
red fish
blue fish
Black fish
blue fish
old fish
new fish
This one has a little star.
This one has a little car.
Say! what a lot of fish there are.........
Today is gone. Today was fun.
Tomorrow is another one.
Every day,
from here to there,
funny things are everywhere.

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