Thursday, September 18, 2008

A little about me - or maybe to much??

Thought I would take a moment to fill you in on my family.

I was born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. I was adopted. I have a brother, Graham, who is 16 years older than me, and a sister, Gayle, who is 15 years older than me. After graduating from high school, I worked as a receptionist for a trucking company until I was old enough to go to nursing school. I graduated from nursing school, and worked at the Mersey General Hospital until I was 21. Then I went to Perth, Western Australia and served a mission for my church for a period of 18 months. That is where I met my husband.

I finished my mission in July of 1985. Went back to work at the Mersey General Hospital. Wrote to Jim who was still in Perth. We got to know each other very well through letters. Jim gave me a boomerang with what would be my married initials engraved on it - SAP (Sally-Ann Purdy - not literally sap!!) - so I would always come back to him. Jim finished his mission in March of 1986 and went back to Rapid City. I flew to the USA and after a brief stop in San Francisco, went to Rapid City around 15th March. We were married 1st April, 1986

We moved to Provo, Utah where Jim attended BYU. Decided to have a baby, got pregnant, reality set in, moved back to Rapid City until Joshua was born.

Jim is from Rapid City, South Dakota. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister, Jim is the baby of the family. Jim finished 1 year at Brigham Young University before he went on a mission to Perth, Western Australia. He is an attorney, has his own law practice - The Purdy Law Group.

Joshua was born 10th July, 1986 in Rapid City, South Dakota. He is currently in Canada serving a mission in the Canada Halifax Mission. We are very, very excited because we get to go and get him the 10th October!!! Joshua attended 1 year at BYU and plans to go back next year. Joshua is very talented and smart kid. He plays the piano and tenor saxophone.

After Joshua was born we moved to St. Paul, Minnesota. Jim attended undergrad at the University of Minnesota and then went on to law school.

Jessica was born 21st March, 1992 in Maplewood, Minnesota. Jim was in his final year of law school. Jessica was a bit of a surprise. We had given up trying to have another baby and had began the process of adoption, when...ta da.....I became pregnant!! Jessica is another smart and talented kid. Plays the piano, harp, violin and steel drums. Loves to read, write and draw. If you have been reading my previous posts and happened to be wondering, no, we have yet to find a harp that doubles as a car!

After law school, Jim joined the Air Force and was a JAG - Judge Advocate General. He was in the air force for 6 years. 4 at Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota and 2 at MacDill AFB here in Florida.

I will mention our 3rd child from time to time, but not a lot. Emma was still born on 23rd April, 2004. We had thought that 2 children was going to be it for us. We were so excited when we found out I was pregnant. I was a high risk pregnancy, but never thought anything would go wrong. It didn't until the end. She was a full-term baby, perfect in every way. Emma is part of our eternal family, but until then, she is in our hearts and in our thoughts always.

After having such a tough time getting pregnant with Jessica and Emma, Sam was no trouble whatsoever. After bed rest in the hospital and a emergency C-Section, along came Samuel Wilton Purdy on 29th October, 2005. I have posted quite a bit about Sam already. He keeps me young, he keeps life an adventure and he keeps me exhausted.

Well, that is the outline of my family! There is of course, much more to us than these few ramblings. Hopefully, you will keep coming back to my blog so I can learn from you, and maybe you can learn something from me!?


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