Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labour Day with a mouse

With the forecast predicting thunderstorms yesterday, we decided to take a chance and go to Epcot for the day. The original plan was to be up and out of the house at 7:30am so we would be there when it opened at 9am. Well, we left at 11:30am, stopped off for McDonald's on the way. Or to quote Sam, "M - fries!" When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised. Not a huge crowd, we were actually parked close enough to walk from the parking lot to the entrance. It was hot, but not unbearably so.
You will notice in all these photos that we are in different clothes. Why you may ask? Camera malfunction yesterday. It couldn't possibly be because my family refused to co-operate and have their pictures taken, thus forcing me to use photos from other trips. So, I have decided to use the most flattering photos to tell of our adventures.

OK, so the above photo is cute

Sam's favourite thing to to at any theme park is to splash in the cool down areas scattered through out. This shot was actually taken yesterday just before we went home.

We all have our favourite things to do at the parks. At Epcot I enjoy visiting the different countries and learning something new. I enjoy browsing the gift shops, but rarely buy anything. I am not sure what Jim's favourite part is, but I do know that he likes the different rides. I do as well. Sam loves the water as I said above, but he also loves the Winnie the Pooh ride. Jessica loves to browse the gift shops and she also loves to buy stuff from the gift shops. Lots and lots of stuff. As for Jessica's favourite rides. She absolutely loves It's a Small World ride at Magic Kingdom! snicker, snicker, lol And Jessica loves to ride on the little kid rides with her baby brother.

Can you see the excitement all over her face? She can hardly contain herself!!!
It isn't often that you get to capture joy like that on film.

Sam, on the other hand, enjoys the merry-go-round

I may stand corrected, THIS could be Jessica's favourite ride.

It is always an experience to go to the different theme parks. It is a great opportunity to "people watch". You can always tell the people from Florida a part from those who are tourists from some other part of the U.S.A.. You can very obviously tell the tourists visiting from Britain and say, Italy. These observations aren't across the board of course, but almost! Many people are trying to cram every theme park into 7 days and the result is hot, bothered and screaming families. You see many different fashion statements and some cause a double take or at least a raised eye brow or two. Disney World needs to be taken in small increments - not all 4 parks in 4 days. I love taking the kids and seeing it through their eyes. Even a teenagers eyes as she rides in spinning teacup rides with her baby brother!



southern family said...

Hi Sally Ann- this is Ally (jim's cousin) I am glad we found each other's blog! You are so funny! I love reading your blogs and reading all your funnny little things! Cute kids too!- love, ally

Sarah Watson said...

glad you had a fun day at epcot! i love the blog and i love the family picture you have up on it, your son (who i can't wait to meet in a few weeks) looks alot like dick villareal, don't you think...ok, well, get ready for comments galore with me!