Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For all the Mothers

San Diego
Jim is out of town for the week. He is in San Diego for a business conference. Sooooo, that leaves me holding down the fort at home. Perhaps the part that is the most difficult is the mornings. We get up at 5am in our house, why you may ask?? Jessica has early morning seminary at church every school day. They meet for 50 minutes and each year they have a different area of scriptures that they study. After that, I drive Jessica to school - through rush hour traffic - only to sit in a mind-boggling car pool drop-off lane full of sloth children slowly getting out of their parents cars and then meandering across the paths of cars trying to vacate the car pool line. That is made worse by ever-changing never-ending road construction!!! All with a 2, almost 3, year-old in tow.
A part from the fact that he insists everything is a fish, Sam is very good through all of this. It probably would even be better if my neighbours had not kept me awake last night doing who knows what in their yard. Sounds like a bicycle pump on steroids kept emanating from their house. Jessica and I think we have solved the mystery and will elaborate tomorrow!

Jim told me last night that he had complimentary eye mask, ear plugs and lavender linen spray in his room. Huummph! Cotton balls do not stay in the ears very well and do not mask the noise of a bicycle pump on steroids. No time to find eye masks, I just slap a whole pillow over my face. As for the lavender spray - last night it was eau de poopy butt courtesy of Sam.

So for all you hard working busy Mothers out there, here is a little something that was sent to me quite a while ago. I know it appears that I have gone You Tube mad, but I haven't!! I bet you have all said at least one of the phrases in this piece! Enjoy!!


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jill said...

I gave her a standing ovation myself right here in my dining room. Oh, yeah.