Monday, October 26, 2015

The Wheels on the Bus Go...and go...and go...and GO!!

Yesterday was Sam's first piano recital.  He has been taking lessons for a little over a month.
Sam loves learning the piano.
It was held at a nursing home here in Brandon called Hawthorn Village.  It was crowded, a little loud and all new for Sam.  That threw him off his game a little, but he came through and played his piece.
 Sam did not co-operate for a before performance photograph.
 Open your eyes Samuel!!!!
 There we go!!!

Now for the grand performance!
Sam had a headache and paused in the middle to tell Ms. Linda.
But, I think you will agree that he did great after only playing for a few weeks.
 Waiting for his turn was extremely grueling for Sam.
Possibly grueling for his parents as well.
Possibly for a few people sitting by us.
But, we were seated by/in the kitchen and Sam helped himself to popcorn and a few of my cookies.  That made the wait a bit more bearable. 
 Afterwards, everyone received a medal.

Very proud of our boy.
Stay tuned for more.

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