Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Birthday!!!

Time has flown by so quickly!
It is hard to believe that one year ago Tristan arrived in our lives.
Now, here we are, one year later!!
Here are some photos of his birthday celebration.
 We barbecued at the office.
Here is the table all set up and ready to go.
 The birthday boy!!!
 Some of his presents.

 Did I say "a few" pictures??
Well, I may have meant A LOT of pictures.
But, look at those eyes!!!!
 Not so sure about the candle!

 After all that cake smashing...
 For a little while, shoes were more interesting...
 and windows...
 Ended the evening with a rousing episode of bubble blowing.

There you have it.

One beautiful little boy
and a family that loves him.
Cake Smashing.
Bath in the kitchen sink.
Glycerin bubbles.
that we are STILL finding all through the office!!

I think Tristan had a full and fun day.
Happy Birthday!!

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