Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bibbity Bobbity BOO!!

A few weeks ago we went to Disney World with a 2 other families that we have gotten to know through Kindermusick, TOPsoccer and dance.  We went on a Friday afternoon so we could take the kids to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party that evening.
After arriving and getting settled in, the kids (and some of the big kids) put on their costumes, and we were ready to head out!!
 Sam did not want to wear a costume, so he begrudgingly agreed to a Mickey t shirt.
Even the trolley ride from the parking lot was filled with excitement and anticipation!!
Mmmmh...Heroes and Villains...where do you think we were parked???
The castle.
 The people.
Lots and lots and lots of people...
I know those feet!
I would know those Crocs anywhere!
Studying the story.
 Hey there Pooh.
Waiting patiently.
Every one's favorite ride.
Can you guess??
I know you know it!
We even had the company of a giant banana.
They even had singing and dancing platypus platypi  platypuses platypus.
 Sam really enjoyed the 3D Philharmagic show.
Who isn't wearing the correct eye wear???
 Everyone had fun on the rides and trick or treating.
One brief and scary moment when we lost Sam.
Thank heavens it was brief!!
The next day was spent in the pool.
Sam loves the waterproof camera.  He took it over and snapped a few photos himself.
That's me, by the way, not Sam!  He snapped the shot.
This one is Sam.  A selfie.
Sam making a splash on the water slide.
After a busy afternoon swimming, we got changed and headed off to dinner.
 Chuy's Mexican Restaurant.
Great food, great service, great company.

A great weekend.
Big thank you to the Tucker family and the Dobson Family.

But wait.
I am not quite done.
When we arrived, Sam went out on the balcony and what did he spy on the next building??
Air conditioners.
26 Air conditioners to be exact.
Made the hotel "perfectly perfect".
On the way home we stopped at the Orlando Temple.
As we were zipping down the interstate Sam noticed a Target Superstore at the Haines City exit.  Because we are Stay Puff Marshmallow parents, we stopped and let him count the price checks.
Finally, we headed home!

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