Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today in Sam's World......

Sam did not want to do school today.
In fact,
his actual words were.....
"No trolls,
no giant snow cakes,
no invaders,
no dragons,
no lemons,
no giants
Well, we haven't really been having a huge troll, giant snow cake, invaders, dragons or giants problem.  But, not wanting to do school was a bit of an issue because even though we work hard at school, we do have some slack days as well, so when a busy day is planned, we need to stick with the game plan.
So, we did a lot of science and geography today.
We are learning about being a Botanist.
Luckily we have quite a few trees around the property to study.
We have less trees this year than we had last year.  Some fell and some were encouraged to fall with a chainsaw.  Now it is a lot safer and less leafy around our neck of the woods!
 We had to find different trees, identify them and collect some leaves.
 Some leaves were easier to get than others!!
 Some trees were easier to identify.
Sam had issues with this tree.
After all, it was a lemon tree and he had clearly requested
Sam thought that the different bark textures were very interesting.
So, we now move on to other subjects, but, in parting, remember to watch out for.......
the invading
You never know where they may be lurking!!
Though, I suspect a giant snow cake could be pretty treacherous as well.

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