Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Old MacSamuel Had a Farm........

The morning of the 2nd Monday of the month is spent doing an agriculture class with Ms. Aimee.  We know Aimee from when Samuel participated in Kindermusik classes.  More information on Kindermusik and the different classes offered can be found at Delightful Sounds.
So far we have studied..........
Well, I thought I would throw in this picture.....
just for something different.......
something we discovered the last time we were in Tasmania......
We were driving along the highway and spotted all these very colorful bovines.
They were hanging out in front of 
If you are ever in Tasmania, it is worth a visit.
I really miss the dairy products from home.......
and no, they aren't real cows, just in case you were wondering!!!
Last week we studied vegetable gardens.
I am not sure if Ms. Aimee's vegetable garden will ever be the same!!
 The group got to check out some farm equipment.
 Using the hoe to attack weeds was very popular.  I think Ms. Aimee is trying to retrieve the potentially lethal bit of gardening equipment in the above shot.......just jokin'.......not a single child was lost.......
 Sam loved sitting on the tractor!!!
 Sam's OCD kicked in for the seed match game.
Have to just pick you battles!!
 Writing the names of seeds on markers.
 Planting the seeds and naming them.

Afterwards we had some frozen custard.
I didn't get any photos because I was busy scooping.

It was great timing for this class, because we are starting our own garden at Sam's school.
It is slow going.
A bit overwhelming really.
Here is why......
 Just in case you were wondering.
 These are before shots.
 I took these this afternoon.
 Huge piles of junk had just been hauled away.
 Sam's classroom is also getting a new deck.
The old one caused a few problems.
 Here is an update on Sam's seeds.
 YES!!  Some of them are sprouting.
 We grew a different type of garden the other night.
 We read the book.
 Sprinkled the magic dust.
The next morning Sam was excited to find that some of his favorite candy had grown.
He wanted to do it again that night!
 Sometimes it is great to be eight!!


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