Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One of Sam's Favorite Things

We feel that it is very important to help Sam try new things.
Sam knows no fear.
I, however, suffer great anxiety sometimes over Sam trying new things.
Sometimes it doesn't go very well.
But, sometimes..........
it does.......
in a big way........
 This isn't a very good photo, but it is Sam dressed and ready to go to dance class.
He is wearing his beloved "clickety clack" shoes.
Samuel was devastated on his first day of dance class because they had to order him tap shoes and he didn't want to wait!
  Here Samuel is working hard with Ms. Rhonda.

The thought to enroll Samuel in a dance class had never crossed our minds.
Gymnastics maybe, but dance???
One of the Moms that we have gotten to know over the years through Kindermusik, gymnastics, soccer and baseball, wanted to get a group of the kids together for a dance class.  They needed 5 to form a class, and we thought, "Why not?"
That is how Sam became one of the few boys enrolled at 
Unfortunately, the 5 dwindled down to 3 and we were frightened that the class would be cancelled.
But, no, the 3 that are left enjoy it so much.  It is the highlight of Sam's week.  This is the first extracurricular activity that Sam has participated in that I just sit back and watch him have fun.
I don't have to go in with him.
He listens......well, as much as an 8-year old boy listens!!!!
He enjoys it.
They are even rehearsing for a recital in June.
Here is some video from their practice today.
I put all the bits and pieces I filmed together and added the music to try and drown out the background noise.
They don't really dance to Will i Am singing "Hall of Fame"......
or AC/DC........
just what I had on my play list.
 The end part was them practicing in front of some of the other classes to get them used to performing in front of people.
This little boy......or not so so hard at everything he does.  We are so proud of him.  He has come such a long way over the past few years and we are happy that he has found something that gives him joy and a sense of accomplishment.


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