Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Looking Back at 2013......Sam's Birthday

 On October 29, 2013, Samuel turned 8-years old/
 For his birthday we had a little family party at the Frozen Custard Shop
 Pizza was the fool of choice and received a thumbs up from the birthday boy.
He even co-ordinated his shirt for the occasion!
 The usual suspects were in attendance.
Jessica, Joshua and Courtney.
 Samuel huffed.......
 and puffed........
 and did finally blow out the candles!!

Samuel's birthday falls around Halloween, so we usually throw in some pumpkin carving fun!!
Removing the pumpkin guts.
Always fun for a kid who hates to get his hands dirty!
Sam was a good sport! 
 Drawing on his design.
The finished product!!

Can't believe Samuel has reached the ripe old age of eight!!
Time goes far to quickly......

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